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Urbanite Retaining Wall at the Garden of Invasive Species

Welcome to the Garden of Invasive Species, otherwise known as my backyard...

We've got ivy

and japanese knotweed (deliciously edible tho)

and lots and lots of Vinca Major!
Not to mention, I compiled a thorough list with the help of my landscaping buddy, Ethan Rainwater. Here goes:
Ivy, Vinca Major, English Holly, Japanese Knotweed, English Laurel, Port. Laurel, Himalayan Blackberry, Dandelion, Wood Hyacinth, Sing. Hawthorn, Mazzard Cherry, and Norway Maple. Yikes!

So, I don't feel bad about changing this landscape and taking some of the heavy clay soil out of there for my next cob structure. Score!

Digging out a small retaining wall

Let's curve it to define spaces I'll actually want to use

We use up some leftover urbanite from the cob greenhouse project and have some fun with the lines we can create, nothing like getting nerdy and muddy with a fellow designer...

we find a little shiva statue in the ivy and give it a proper rebirth

soon to plant edible nasturiums and strawberries!


6 Responses to 'Urbanite Retaining Wall at the Garden of Invasive Species' Feed for this Entry
  1. #107063 Anonymous Mar 24, 2010 it as a name for broken concrete, almost makes it seem like an exotic material. City dweller's cultured stone. lol

  2. #107064 lyrebird Mar 25, 2010

    your blog is so wonderful. thank you for sharing so much information and great pics. we are looking into cob here in australia for our property. i love the organic forms that are possible and the lack of sharp angles and rigid wall surfaces.
    keep up the great work.

  3. #107065 Arcadian Apr 03, 2010

    I lived during the Great Depression and it's deja vu for me. The American Dream has overwhelmed us and daily living has become outrageously cumbersome. If we must sacrifice well being for consumerism and rampant over-consumption, we'll be buried.

    Simplicity isn't an option it's essential for survival.

  4. #107066 erica ann Apr 08, 2010

    Right on, all three of you! I love it when people get it. Garbage is a resource, curves are beautiful and simplicity is key!

  5. #107073 Anonymous Aug 19, 2010

    Hello! Would it be alright if I make reference to your blog in an article I am writing about straw-clay? I feel you have a lot of interesting information that people could use as a resource for creativity.

    Please let me know asap because the articles are very time-sensitive.

    Thank you kindly,

    [email protected]

  6. #107098 Elliott Broidy Nov 14, 2012

    Lots of hard work... But the end result is all worth it.

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