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Sep 2009

Rainwater Greenhouse

Eugene, Oregon

A passive solar greenhouse built from cob, light clay-straw and salvage materials. The existing backyard had several concrete pads for old sheds, so we cut them into squares and stacked them up for some thermal mass on the inside of the greenhouse, which are located to get direct sunlight only during the winter months. It also freed up the yard for garden space. The wood framing came from deconstructed sheds and decks on the property and we only needed to purchase a single piece of lumber! We infilled the wood frame with sculptural cob on the east and west walls, insulative clay-straw on the north wall, and reclaimed sliding glass doors as windows on the south. There are also operable windows in the clerestory for ventilation and a chicken door for future interior chicken area that will let the chickens into the compost area outside. The urbanite foundation on the south wall also serves as a gutter and planter for succulents, strawberries and creeping raspberries. This project was a wonderful collaboration with dear landscaper friend, Ethan Rainwater and his father, Lawrence Rainwater. Final earth plaster details coming this season!


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  1. #160269 Phil Jul 07, 2016

    What a beautiful greenhouse, its a lovely piece of art!

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