CCB# 201748
Natural Building:
timberframeround polestick framestraw balestraw-claychip-slipadobecobcordwoodstoneurbaniteliving roof
Artisan Finishes:
earth plasterlimetile
salvage materialsfurniturestained glasscob ovenAmerican Claylime plasterpaintwoodworking
Mar 2014

Hummingbird Wholesale Mosaic

Eugene, Oregon

This intricate mosaic was created for Hummingbird Wholesale as an outdoor, walkable art piece. The design was inspired by the Native American Medicine Wheel or Four Shields, vision quest concept. We used a combination of broken salvaged tile and small colored pebbles. It had long been the desire of the owner to do this mosaic installation and with my support, we made it happen. I really enjoyed working on this project.


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