CCB# 201748
Natural Building:
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Artisan Finishes:
earth plasterlimetile
salvage materialsfurniturestained glasscob ovenAmerican Claylime plasterpaintwoodworking
Apr 2014

American Clay Loma

Eugene, Oregon

This contemporary master bathroom addition is completed just right with American Clay Plaster. Using Loma as the base and Havasu for pigmentation, this natural clay plaster systems responds to the daylight with different moods throughout the day. The twin skylights reveal this quality particularly well. The hand troweled finish also pairs well with the fossil embedded granite counter tops and cherry finish carpentry.

Nov 2011

Tadelakt Countertop

Eugene, Oregon

This countertop is created with a traditional Moroccan plaster system called Tadelakt. It's a waterproof lime-based plaster that is heavily burnished with a small smooth stone and black-olive oil soap. Great for wet areas, including shower stalls. Traditionally, this technique is used to make public fountains and water features.

This particular installation is pigmented with American Clay's pigment, Palomino Valley.

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